Hi all, charts are now up for the 2017 season! Thanks for your patience. I got a lot of messages from people wanting to make sure they were coming back and I appreciate that. Let me know if there's anything you want to see that isn't currently there. I've got a few upgrades planned myself this season but am always looking for more feedback.

Quick How-To

There's two three types of charts this year, Projections and Matchups. On both you'll find a teams results so far this season at the given position to the left of the Blue line and the Average up to that point. On the right of the Projections charts you'll continue to see predicted fantasy points for the remainder of the season. These projections are for the total of all players at that position.

There are also the Rolling Projection charts which only use the last four weeks of data when calculating the projections. This is useful if there's been major injuries or suspensions or other things affecting performance. May tweak how this is calculated as I see how it compares to the full season projections. Note these projections won't show up properly until a team has played 4 games.

On the Matchups chart it's a little different, you'll only see the "Relative Against" value for the matchup. Basically what I've calculated is the expected difference a team's opponent will give up to that position compared to the average based on their past opponents. In all cases, green is good, red is bad.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions hit me up via email.

Sean (stmack)
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